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Never Felt So Loved
Never Felt So Loved
Oil, Charcoal and Graphite on Canvas
40" X 60"

Never Felt so Loved was created for the traveling exhibition,
"Perceive Me" Curated by Kristine Schomaker.

This piece will be on view at the Oceanside Museum of Art.
June 8, 2024, through September 15, 2024
More Disruption: Representational Art in Flux

This painting was created for an ongoing exhibition/performance by the artist Kristine Schomaker. She invited 60 artists to draw, paint, photograph, etc... her in the nude, as a means to come to terms and heal herself from a lifetime of negative self-image. I had an amazing meeting with Kristine where I drew her from life, and we talked and shared our stories of how we see ourselves and how we believe people perceived us. The process was powerful and after the in-person model session I went back to my studio and began this piece. It is all about self-acceptance and loving yourself. I wanted to make the colors bright and beautiful. The essence of someone can be so lovely and it was my hope to show that in this painting of Kristine.

Perceive Me Exhibitions

January 2020 Ronald H. Silverman Gallery. Cal State LA. Los Angeles CA

October 2020 Studio Channel Islands Gallery. Camarillo, CA

OCT 9th -DEC 12th, 2021, MOAH CEDAR Lancaster Museum of Art. Lancaster, CA
Perceive Me MOAH CEDAR

Fall 2022 Coastline Art Gallery. Newport Beach, CA 92663

Spring 2023 Mesa College Art Gallery
San Diego Mesa College. San Diego, CA

Spring 2024 The Other Art Fair, Barker Hanger Santa Monica, CA.